Read Junior Rabbit Travels to Pennsylvania; Jenny's latest book.  Just click on the book cover to order it. You can click on any of the books to order them.  Also, you can click the Amazon button below to order. Remember, "keep it simple and read a book!



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Oh yes, one more thing guys. Junior Rabbit already told you about Jenny's two new books coming out later this year. But I'm so excited that I'll tell you about them, too.  They are about Junior and his friends' adventures. 

  • Junior Rabbit Travels to New York

  • Junior Rabbit, Homes for the Holidays.

I can hardly wait to read them.  Talk to you later.



If you would like Jenny White to speak at your school event or for your organization or if you want her to come and read to  your students, please contact her at the phone number below or by email.  


Phone:  248.943.3974

Email:   vw37785@yahoo.com